Our History


Through the guidance of God, the late Rev. Lemuel Henry Langford Jr organized the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in the year 1876. Service was held in a one-room building. While there was only a small membership, the leader was not discouraged. He often reminded the church that God said, “where there are two or three gathered in His name, He would be in the midst.”   As the years past, God continued to bless the church and His people.  The Church’s next leader was Rev. Lewis Chillis, whom served well also. The church continued to grow under his leadership.  The next pastor to lead God’s people was the late Rev. Allen.  After Rev. Allen, Rev. S.J. Sanders pastored the church. Rev. Sanders labored as pastor until the late Rev. P.H. Brown succeeded him. Rev. P.H. Brown served for several years, as the members were encouraged to work in love and harmony with one another while trying to God’s work.  Much time had gone by once again and Shiloh was in need of a leader. This time the church was blessed with Rev. Wyatt Gamble as Pastor. Rev. Gamble was a role model to many that he pastured. He was loved for his meek and humble ways and his devotion to the church and people of his flock. He traveled back and forth to the church from Houston by bus or was driven by his son… He loved everyone. The weather was not always pleasant, but he did not render excuses for not getting to Barrett Station to minister to his members. He baptized many people in the river and later in the canal in Barrett Station. Bank-side baptizing was common and very popular in those days because it was a service in itself. The spirit filled songs and shouting attracted people who passed by to slow down and even stop to witness the baptizing.   As time went on the church was still being blessed. A church was built next door to our present location where Rev. Gamble pastored for more than 23 years until his health failed him. During the time of his illness Rev. G.S. Mathews was given an appointment to preach one Sunday in his absence. As time went on all the members seemed pleased to have Rev. Mathews. It was discussed in a Deacon’s meeting with Bro. C.W. Banks as chairman that they consider speaking to the members about continuing to use Rev. Mathews indefinitely-depending on the outcome of Rev. Gambles recovery. After all the business was discussed among the officials and members, Rev. Mathews was informed of the plan. He in turn, accepted the terms on a temporary basis. However, Rev. Gamble never recovered from his illness. God called him home to receive his reward in glory. Everyone suffered a great loss and realized it with open and honest confession. Shiloh members loved him, but God loved him best.  Rev. G.S. Mathews by popular vote became the Pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. The church continued to grow in members and finance as well as spiritually. The church was blessed in later years to purchase additional property upon which to construct a new house of worship next to the original location. Pastor Mathews was also the First Vice President of the American Baptist Convention of Texas, and the moderator of the Christian Benevolent District Association. Rev. G.S. Mathews commitment to the spiritual growth of the church was demonstrated through his 41 years of laboring with the Shiloh family.  Pastor G.S. Mathews became ill in 1994 where he diligently continued to serve the Shiloh family with dignity and honor. Pastor Mathews message to the church during this period was “Focus on One Church One Body”, for the battle has been fought and the victory has been won. It was the grace of God that revealed himself through Pastor Mathews once again during his last days here on Earth. For his smile confirmed his peace of mind that he had finished his course. God called him home July 18, 1995 to receive his reward in Glory.  On July 29, 1996, Rev. Isreal E. Holmes won the pastoral election by 120 votes and a record setting day of deliverance in the church’s 120-year history. On August 4, 1996, Shiloh members acknowledged and welcomed our new Shepherd. Twenty-Two members joined Shiloh after listening to Pastor Holmes powerful message “One Church One Body” taken from I Cor. 12:1-12. Emphasis was placed on the fact that every person in the church as a spiritual gift from God. Our vision has been brightened and it is evident we are still on course. Our mission is to keep pressing-onward.  Today, Pastor Holmes encourages everyone to utilize their spiritual gift(s) that God has bestowed upon them and may God continue to bless everything that is done for the glory and honor of his name.